Biodiversity Week/Battle for the Bay at Bull Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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Saturday 17 May 2014 10 am

Causeway Road Causeway Road Causeway Road, D 3 Dublin, Irlande

Organized by Dr agnieszka Piwowarczyk

This collection is organised as a part of Biodiversity Week and aims salt marshes (one side of Causeway Road) where marine litter has been accumulated considerably.Litter collected on the day will be reuse for artwork activities during Battle for the Bay on the 24-25th May. Collection of bags, pickers, gloves will be at Interpretative Centre around 10 am. Everybody is welcome, so please come and support the collection on the 17th and please come and enjoy all activities planned for you and your kids over 24-25th May(Battle for the Bay).

A la une

The city of Dublin (Ireland) has implemented the Biodiversity Week. On May 17, an Ocean Initiative was organised in the areas near Bull Island (a biosphere reserve according to UNESCO) to which a presentation was added along with an observation session of the reserve's biodiversity. Litter collected was then reused as support for works of art and artistic creations during the "Battle of the Bay" event that took place on May 24 and 25. The goal was to raise awareness among young people regarding biodiversity and the problem of aquatic waste by letting their creativity speak. Sculptures made of sand and of the litter collected also symbolised animals present in the Bull Island reserve. Numerous media outlets covered the event, including radio, press, social media, and sports associations.