Collected waste is usually sent to waste reception centres. Actually, since it has been contaminated by salted water and UV rays, this waste cannot go through the traditional waste recycling process.
Surfrider is not satisfied with this solution and we are looking for new possibilities in order to recycle waste collected during the Ocean Initiatives with a circular economy approach.

Registration via the website is currently the simplest solution. If, however, you are unable to do this, you may simply contact the organiser and ask him to print out and bring the “List of Participants” from the Organiser’s Guide. You will then be able to register using this document on the day of the operation.

Please note that the same email address may be used to register different participants (for example, members of the same family).

This would be an exceptional occurrence. If this should be the case, approach another local authority in order to organise your Ocean Initiatives there or contact your closest local chapter to see if they can suggest an alternative action. 

You have two solutions if a container is not provided:

  1. Ask the local town hall where you may leave your bags for the local waste collection services to pick them up on their rounds
  2. Take the bags to the nearest waste reception centre

The Ocean Initiatives have been developed to enable citizens to conduct collection completely autonomously, even if you do not have any particular knowledge about aquatic waste. The tools provided by Surfrider make the presence of a member of the Surfrider team unnecessary to coordinate the collection.

In the kit which you will receive, you will find educational tools that will help you develop your Ocean Initiative. It is common to distinguish five educational methods. DOWNLOAD THE TUTORIAL

Marine litter is man-made material or objects that are thrown or discarded voluntarily or involuntarily and which are found in aquatic environments, whether directly or indirectly. DOWNLOAD THE TUTORIAL